Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Been a While...

Ellie at Beeston
It's been a while since our last post hasn't it?

Part of that is down to the weather and the lack of quality daylight hours. Another thing is that Ellie has just finished her second season. Well, she's still a little swollen, but she's, thankfully, very near the end now. She becomes really grumpy towards other dogs when she's in season. She just doesn't like being approached at all. Not that I can blame her, I suppose.

She's been learning to crawl along on all four paws, and to walk like a dancing bear on her rear legs. She's also taught herself to bark very loudly when she gets excited! Oh yes, she sure has found her bark, let me tell you. It's not really a problem bark as she only does it when really excited and hey, the time when they are too old to find the energy to bark comes all too quickly anyway. Given her naturally timid nature, it's actually quite nice to hear it sometimes.

She put her barking to good use yesterday. We've had a lot of snow over much of the UK in the past couple of days and it's the first time Ellie has seen it in such volume. She loved it. Only, if I spent more than a couple of seconds making a snowball, she would bark at me to hurry me up a little. She's so demanding!

The daylight hours are starting to get longer now and I can't wait to get busy with the camera and video camera as the weather improves.

We are still providing home-boarding for other peoples dogs and Ellie seems to be coping with it. She's not overly fond of sharing my attentions and I don't suppose it's easy for any dog to share their living space with 'outsiders', but she adjusts to it. We certainly haven't had any incidents of aggression, despite all of the dogs that have passed through our home over the past few months. Me, I love having more dogs around. I'd fill every moment of every day with other dogs if I could. :)