Sunday, September 16, 2007

Crate Move

Now that Ellie has responded so well to being in the crate, and given that it was getting harder to find things to do outside of the main living room each day, where my work computer is, we've now moved the crate.

The crate now sits in the dining room, which is always where we've intended it to be, but when we first tried it, Ellie really didn't like it there at all. So I've placed it in a position where she can see the kitchen and a part of the hallway too. This is another temporary measure, as ultimately it will be under the window but baby-steps never hurt anyone.

After placing her into it this morning and she seems to have benefited from the earlier crate training and being left alone for longer and longer periods. She went into it after my usual "go to bed" command, though I do still have to lead her in most of the time. I then went to my computer. She whined for the first two and half minutes but it quickly subsided. She is now in there, fast asleep as usual, after nine minutes and forty-five seconds.

At this stage, it is our intention that the crate be for daytime use only. Naturally, if she wants to climb into it in the evenings, we won't stop her, but we like to think that evenings are family time, and she is a very large part of the family.

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