Saturday, October 20, 2007

Week Two of Bronze Good Citizen Training

This week was week two of Ellie's Bronze KC Good Citizen training.

Aside from the actual training, Ellie also got to play on the puppy agility equipment. This consisted of three little jumps, the tunnel, and then three more jumps. She dashed through it and loved it. Christine, as ever, is promting us to do agility, as she feels that Ellie will be very quick indeed.

As part of the training, we did some close heeling and encouraging the dog to stay close to the handler. This was done in two ways. We are now practising these new methods every day. Sometimes it's hard to tell how these things relate to the actual KC Bronze test, but you know, it wouldn't really matter even if they never did. However, we're sure it will all come good in the end.

The simple fact is, that we are working with Ellie each week, she is getting lots more experience at working with other dogs, equipment, and in different situations. And, these things will all help towards competitive obedience, which is where my interest lies. Jan is more agility focused, and I am more obedience focused. Talking of which...

We must be getting something right, as Jan has been asked if she would like to become a volunteer at the course. She has accepted, subject to getting past Christmas first, as she needs to get some exam material completed for her work. Plus her shifts are set to change afer Christmas, which will make volunteering easier.

I'm not sure but I believe that volunteers get their training free. However, more importantly, it means that Jan will be able to take Ellie along to more classes and mix her with even more dogs, as a volunteer. The volunteers assist the actual trainers.

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