Wednesday, March 5, 2008

KCGC Bronze Training - Week Seven

We were a little early arriving to training this evening. Christina holds a class before ours so we sat in the car for a while to keep warm. As we waited, I heard the occasional loud bang that sounded like gunshots. Ellie's ears pricked up and she started to look a little nervous. I didn't think much of this as we would soon be inside training. However, once inside, the banging continued and sounded even louder as it reverberated off the tin walls of the barn.

Christina explained that this noise was the fancy bird scaring machine that was being used in the adjacent farm. Christina said that she has had to send a few dogs home from class as they have been spooked by the sound. I commented that Ellie was none too pleased about it either. Late last year, on Bonfire night and New Years Eve, hid under the bed to try and avoid the sound of the fireworks.

We tried to settle into some training, but alas, Ellie was becoming more and more agitated by the noise. At one point, she tried to hide in the agility tunnel!

Christina advised that it would probably be best if I took Ellie back home. I agreed with her as none of us want Ellie to develop a fear of going to the training centre. So, home we went. Ellie couldn't get into the car quick enough.

Quite what is going to happen if the bird-scarer is a permanent new addition, is anyone's guess, as it would mean that we'd be unable to attend training classes with Ellie. It's another price you accept for taking on a timid dog.

It's also valuable training time taken way from the pending Kennel Club Good Citizen exam on March 29.

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