Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Spaying is Booked

There is progress at Barkingham Palace. For me personally, I am delighted to report that the issue with my fingers has gone. I went to bed one Tuesday night with them hurting as they had been for weeks and weeks to an ever increasing degree. I awoke the next morning to find them completely fine. Answers on a postcard to the usual address for that one. Suffice to say that I have cancelled the hospital appointment. It would have been nice to know what caused it, but frankly, I'm just pleased to have full and painless mobility back in my hands.

As a result of this, and with Mavis now having passed away, I've been able to spend time processing the backlog of photos taken from various events.

Here is a slideshow from the Hougham Fun Day in August. Photos are available for purchase from my photo store.

I've also purchased brand new uber powerful computer equipment to make processing much more fluid and less taxing too. It is amazing how much more quickly I can process the photos now.

In other news, Ellie is getting spayed on November 30th. I was a little staggered at the price quoted from our vet: £175+ any additional costs of dressings etc that 'may be required'. Then we had to pay an additional £23 just to have her checked over to make sure she was fit and healthy - that took all of three minutes. After returning home, I checked with friends of ours who recently had their two Border Collie bitches spayed locally. They used a different vet. So I called their vet and am having it done for £118.20. Much better!

So, after the 30th, she will be in recovery at home, banned from exercise for at least a week I'm told. Poor ol' Ellie. All together now....

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achieve1dream said...

Poor ol' Ellie!

I don't know what the money translation is between our countries, but here it costs fifty US dollars to do pre-surgery blood work and ninety to one hundred dollars for the actual surgery. That's for a forty pound dog. Heavier dogs get up into the one hundred and fifty dollar range. I'm glad you found someone who will do it cheaper. :)

How strange about your hands! I'm so glad they aren't hurting anymore. I wonder what could cause that. Oh well, just glad you're better. :)