Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eddie the Babe Magnet

Some dogs steal your socks, while others steal your heart. Eddie (or Edward Woodward as I call him), does both!

You know how you see some dogs and just instantly fall in love with them? Eddie is one such dog. The pictures don't do him justice but he is a lovely honey coloured puppy, has crimped-looking hair on his head, ears to die for, and seriously, the most cute paws you will ever see on a dog. And to top it off, he spends as much time as possible pottering around on his back legs as though he thinks he is human.

I've just had the pleasure of boarding Eddie for a sixteen night stay. It's funny, when I walk my own dog, Ellie, nobody even seems to notice me with my plain mostly black dog walking dutifully beside me. But when they see Eddie enthusiastically thrusting forward, oh yes, then they want to know me!

Now, I know I know, the picture to the left looks a little, how can I say, rude? But that's Eddie - happy to parade himself around for all to see. In fact, he seems quite proud of his equipment! And come on, it's a funny picture!

In other news, not that I dare to imagine your lives are affected by whether I post to this blog or not, but I do feel a little guilty for not posting as frequently of late. All I can say in my defence is that the summer months are always my most busy and so the blog sometimes has to take a back seat. Please be assured that it will never be deserted.

Oh yes, my own dog, Ellie... She's doing fine and has been enjoying the summer walks, though I've also been trekking around the Peak District without her. Much to her dismay, I'm sure.

P.S. I see from the dog blogs that I follow, I'm not the only one who hasn't posted much lately. That's dogs for you - all the best shows and events are in the Summer.


Wendy Coyne said...

You love every dog you look after, I think you probebly love every dog you meet. If you didn't do the work you do, you might find yourself with 20 dogs living with you :)
Have you thought about getting involved with a rescue centre during your quiet months?

The Dog Man said...

Hi Wendy, it is true, I'm afraid. I'd bet that over 90% of the dogs I board do steal my heart. I find that even the breeds which I wouldn't normally select for myself have some endearing personality trait that just draws me in.

If I could get on with people as easily as I seem to get on with dogs, I'd be a far more rounded individual, that's for sure! :)

Me, in a rescue centre? Can you imagine that? I'd be bringing them all home after a day. :)

Seriously, it's not ever something I've thought about to be honest, but now that you've planted that seed....

I hope that you, Brian, and of course Kizzie Whiz-Bang are all doing well.

Dawn said...

Maz maz maz - been there done that - but then you realise that its better to have loved and helped than not to have helped at all - look at Ellie and the state of me the day i handed her over to you but i knew it was best for her - you can't keep them all much as we'd like to. If you do go down that road try not to get "too" involved - ps friend of mine went to dog show last week and ur mate Rob Alleyne was the judge.

achieve1dream said...

I completely understand being busy during the summer. We have to get all those things we were dying to do done so that when winter gets here we can hide lol. :) Don't feel guilty.

I guess one perk of winter is that we will hopefully get to see more of Ellie. :) I can't wait to hear about/see some new tricks. :)