Friday, August 31, 2007

In the Field

On yesterday's walk she met two adult dogs. She was great. She approached one, had a sniff, and then we continued walking. She didn't seem too nervy or too enthused. Just how I'd like her to be. The only thing I was miffed about was that the owner of the dogs thought Ellie was a black Labrador cross! A few minutes previously, a builder also didn't think she was a Collie.

After another good night, with a solid 8.5 hours sleep, I decided to treat Ellie. Incidentally, I woke up through the night to find Ellie sleeping under the bed.

I took her to the local playing field, which is only about a five minute walk away from the house. I got her half way there, but then she lost her bottle, and stood there with her tail between her legs. The lady wasn't for budging, I can tell you.

I picked her up, and walked her to the field. Now, once we got there, it was a different story. Before play, we had to do some customary heel-work. I thought she might not be so good, due to excitement, or nerves, but no, she was great. It was much better working in the field, because there was more room to move in random directions. Each time she was level with my leg, click and treat.

After heel-work came the play, and she was in her element. We went up and down the field, and her energy seemed to just go on and on and on. We have two bright purple tennis balls and she's happy chasing them.

We were playing ball for about thirty minutes. Then came the walk home. We approached the area where she became nervous on the way in. I decided to try jogging with her through it, so that she didn't have time to get nervous. Wow - can she jog! We ended up jogging all the way home, and she could still have gone more! I, on the other hand, was absolutely bushed and ready to drop to the floor. When she's an adult, I may have to get a bicycle for her to run with.

After getting home, I fed her, we had some play, and now she's fast asleep in her crate again. We try to move about the house when she's in the crate so that she gets very small doses of being left alone, and then having us come back. I think she's going to be fine and dandy.

I'll take her for some more ball-play at midday.

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