Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Morning Training

Once again, a good night to report. We went to bed at 23:00, with me waking up at 07:00. Ellie was fast asleep still, on our bed. I woke her up to let her out to toilet. After that, we both went back to bed for half an hour. She seemed more than happy to oblige, if for no other reason than to wriggle around licking faces.

Shortly after getting up, we went outside for our early morning training session. I like to catch her early as she's really hungry and works more enthusiastically.

She certainly did work well this morning. Once again, we worked on the heel command and she's really getting to grips with it now. I just have to be careful to walk quite slowly at this stage, as if I go too fast, she gets over excited and starts to run ahead.

Of course, after training comes playing, and that's the bit she loves the most. We later took her out in the car again, and she's getting really good at it. Jan is going to try taking her on her own tomorrow to see how she fares. I think she'll be fine after a couple of initial "ah-ah" corrections.

We received confirmation of our training place for Ellie this morning. The first session is next Monday for two hours, but without Ellie. This is the initial theory session.

Bless her, she's still trying to claim the sofa as her own. She jumps up, I put her to the floor with an "off". She gets it, but I think she likes the game. We've purchased a lightweight house-line that she now wears around the house. That way, I can pull her off the sofa gently, without giving her attention. Hopefully, this will take the attention part of her game out of the equation.

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