Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Monthly Social walk

As part of my volunteer role at the training centre I attend a monthly social walk, where people from the classes all get together and walk their dogs.

Today was the first time that Ellie has been on a social walk since she was attending the puppy class last summer. Ellie was marvellous. In the group were about nine other Border Collies a couple of German Shepherd Dogs, and a couple of Spaniels.

Debbie, one of the trainers who runs the walk, has four Border Collies. Ellie seemed to really take to one of them - Rosie. She had a really good run around, but returned to me to have her lead on when other passers-by came close.

At one point, Ellie got a little over excited and Diesel (another of Debbie's dogs) put her in her place quick smart. After a few minutes of looking a bit apprehensive, she soon came around and joined in the frolics again, but with a little less muster than earlier. Lesson learned I guess.

It's good that she is being taught some manners whilst around a group of dogs. It was quite a big group and there were one or two little squabbles with some of the 'pack', but the dogs did a great job of sorting themselves out without the intervention of their handlers. All in all a great afternoon.

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