Monday, April 7, 2008

Update on Toby

I received an email from Toby's new owners today, with pictures and an update on how he is getting along.

I'm pleased to report that aside from one incident of chasing cows (yes, you read it right, chasing cows), he is settling in really well, with no problems to report.

The email went as follows:

I have attached some pics of Toby, and also a short video of him and Bailey playing with the rope toy.

He is doing well and still behaving apart from one incident which was our fault really! He swam accross a stream and chased some cows which he had previously ignored. Unfortunately the farmer happened to be in the field so he was a very luck boy that Jonny swam accross and caught him.

We have chalked it up to experience and baught a 100ft training lead to practise recall around fun distractions like that. Bailey really seems to be warming to him which is nice, and everyone that has met him loves him too.

I have included some pictures below. They are not great quality but I've cleaned them up as much as I can. I guess they were taken on a mobile phone, or on a camcorder.

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