Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still Growing...

Getting Ready...
Members of the ICC Canine Display Team will be pleased to read that the number of photos in the ICC Dogs & Events set is still growing!

I'm now adding the more generic photos that were taken during the events. Forgive me if they are not as endearing as the more personal 'portrait style' photos, but that's just the nature of things and I'm afraid that I am much more of the 'arty-farty' type when it comes to photography.
Christina and Ruach
Again, there are still loads more to wade through so bear with me. As before, if there are any you would like me to email to you in full size, please do just ask via email: young.maz@googlemail

I'll keep adding a few more each day until I've added all the decent ones, or until I've dropped dead from exhaustion. :)

There are some photos that need the names of dog and/or handler filling in. If you are able to tell me who they are, please do let me know.


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