Friday, February 22, 2008

Baltic in the Barn

A very cold session in the training centre barn this week. Christina managed to keep us all moving for most of the time though. Thankfully, the class still went ahead, but there was talk of it being cancelled because it really was that cold!

A brief warm up session of sit/down stays and then we were off running around the barn with our dogs to heel. This was interrupted by Christina giving us commands to stop, sit, down whilst we were going.

We had a round of tricks. Every owner had to chose a trick that they knew their own dog could achieve and then the other dogs in the group had to try the same trick. We were going to be a pair of show off's at this point as Christina had already asked us to demonstrate "cop-cop" to her and the group - to Ellies credit, she did it beautifully and she's not used to doing that trick for me, so I was impressed also. That said, we chose to do "spin" as our trick - something which the other dogs were more than capable of doing.

We then did an excellent exercise whereby we had to walk around holding an object and use the object to pass to the other members of the group so that we could practise meeting and greeting people with and without dogs to train our own dogs not to respond in a negative way, i.e. jumping around maniacally. Ellie did quite well at this although I swear if her tail had been a machete, she'd have taken my legs clean off when Christina came over, it was wagging that fast.

Again, in a bid to keep warm, we did an agility course. For some reason this evening, Ellie was having none of it. She sat nicely at the start and made the first couple of jumps ok, but then she was off like a rocket around the barn. I guess she was colder than I thought. :)


Xsara ... said...

Wow, I'm glad cop-cop is becomming such a hit :

Jan said...

Everyone at the training class were very impressed by it too, and the bonus is, Ellie loves doing it more and more with every try.