Monday, February 4, 2008

Video of the Week

I thought that I would start featuring a different YouTube dog-related video each week. These will be videos that have inspired me before, or from trainers and handlers who I most respect.

This week's shows a Border Collie being trained on position work, amongst other things. It's really inspiring to see a dog so keen on its handler.


In other news, the good news is that its my Birthday tomorrow! The bad news is that, once again, I shall have a throat-infection over my Birthday. (The price of having a Birthday during the Winter months, I suppose.) Though, the infection does seem to have lessened, but I'm still quite tired. The trouble is that I cough in the night and then that wakes me up, and then because I'm tired, I'm not healing as quickly as I might. A vicious circle. But I'm so, so tired at the moment, and I think it's starting to have an effect on our training.

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