Wednesday, February 6, 2008

KCGC Bronze Training - Week Four

We started with some of the usual warm up exercises - sit/stay down/stay. Of course, Ellie did really well at this despite Christina wandering around trying to distract. We then did some trotting. This is a really nice exercise. Food treat at arms length and walk briskly so that the dog follows but because of the speed she breaks into a graceful trot. Very nice exercise.

We then did some recall presents, both sitting and stood up. After this, Christina did a talk about heel work to music and whether there was anything specific that we wanted to learn. A few ideas were thrown around the group and we decided on getting Ellie to walk backwards in a figure-eight around my legs. She does this forwards perfectly.

Christina explained the steps to take in doing this. One of the steps was to have her sit between my legs. However, there is a downside at the moment. As soon as Ellie sat between my legs, she thought that we wanted to do Cop-Cop which Maz is currently training her. I think she is going to have to do one thing at a time in this respect, but I look forward to her being able to walk around my legs backwards very soon!

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