Saturday, May 3, 2008

Anderby Creek

A walk on the beach...
We took Ellie for another first experience today - the beach! We found an area of beach, about an hour and a half drive away, which allows dogs off leash, and is relatively deserted. It's called Anderby Creek.

She was sick in the car on the way there, but that was our fault for feeding her so close to leaving. Because we left so early we wanted to make sure she ate something before we went, to give her some energy for running around. On reflection, that was a very bad idea, and it would have been much better to wait until she returned before feeding her.

However, that didn't stop her from having fun once we got to the beach - she absolutely loved it. She was running, and running, and running...
Ouch! This sand is hot!
It also gave us a good opportunity to use the new camera again. However, many of the photos that we took weren't worth keeping, and even those that we did keep needed a lot of digital editing. The light on the beach was just very bland and hazy. I had to do a bit of artistic work on them and convert them to a platinum effect to mask the poor colouring. Still, the important thing was that Ellie enjoyed herself.

There was one victim however - our favourite frisbee. We lost it to the tides.
Service please...
After we'd finished playing on the beach, we went to a small cafe that is at the beach entrance. Luckily, they allow dogs in the gardens, as long as they are kept on leash. Again, this is a first for Ellie. I'm pleased to report that she was good as gold. She just laid down under our table and was no trouble whatsoever.
Who's blocking my sun?
When we were on the beach, we were only approached one other dog. As always, Ellie just ignored it, preferring to carry on playing with her ball, and jumping about. And boy can she jump!

Despite getting absolutely soaked through, I really enjoyed myself. It's great seeing Ellie experience new things and taking them in her stride. I know she enjoyed herself!

As always, you can view the full photo set in the gallery.

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