Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

Pretty in Pink
Ladies and gentlemen, fill your lungs with air, as it's time to help blow out the candles for Ellie's first Birthday.

Yes, Ellie is exactly a year old today. Where did that time go? Naturally, we couldn't let the occasion go unmarked, even though she is still a little under the weather from being in the final stages of her first season. We purchased her a new pink collar to match her diva personality, a new toy, and some treats. And we replaced the frisbee that we lost in the sea a few weeks back.

Now, doesn't she look a bobby-dazzler? :)


Xsara ... said...

Happy belated Birthday! Give Ellie a big hug from all of us :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! My name is Cat and I've somehow stumbled upon your blog and would like to say that Ellie is gorgeous. You've done really well with her, especially at her age, so well dooone :)

Hope you don't mind us checking your blog once in a while. If given permission I'll add you in my blogroll.

Happy birthday Ellie!

Cat, Gypsy & Marley

Ellie's Owner said...

Hi Cat,

Did you stumble or were you pushed? :)

Thanks for the kind words regarding Ellie. She is the star of the show, for sure.

Feel free to add us to your blog-roll. I'll return the favour as soon as I've looked through your own blog.

Anonymous said...


Stumble, I promise! I was trying to join a new dog forum but the registration was frustrating me so I went off to read the other posts and saw your introduction thread. From the second I saw the Sylvia Trkman link I knew I had to find out more ;)

Thank you! :)