Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ellie Sketched

It's Ellie, but not as you know her. I was contacted a short while ago, from someone asking for permission to use one of my photos of Ellie for a sketch. Of course, I agreed, and this is the artist's end result.

Please do view the original copy from the artist's own page.


Rascally Jack a.k.a. Jackal said...

That is such a beautiful sketch!!

Ellie's Owner said...

Thanks for the comment. Yes, it's a great sketch. I think the artist has captured Ellie's personality perfectly.

I've added a link to your blog in the sidebar, by the way. :)

Rascally Jack a.k.a. Jackal said...

Thank you! I am a great fan of Ellie. I check her blog everyday. :)

Xsara ... said...

Beautiful sketch! I consider myself artistically challenged, but I recognize a nice piece when I see one. I first thought you were playing with the new camera again, then I read the post and saw it was a real artwork :)