Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dinner for One...

Oh Waiter
Now that I have my new camera, I'm like a kiddie in a sweet-shop, much to the annoyance, I'm sure, of Ellie.

I'm sure it's because she's so well practised by now, but she is so malleable and really is extremely patient with me when I am taking photographs of her. Today, I thought I'd continue with my experimenting in black and white, and arrange a dinner-date for Ellie.
In other news, I think Ellie has finally come into season! I could be wrong, but I noticed a couple of red spots on the chair covers when I lifted her from it after the photo session. However, they might have been there before and they might be specks of paint or something else, so I'm not positive yet. It might also explain why she's been off her food a little for the past couple of days.
I Ordered a '73
* Late Edit: It's confirmed - Ellie is now a woman! She's in season at last!


Lynne said...

Great Photo

Ellie's Owner said...

Thanks. It was fun to do. I can't wait until Ellie is out of season so that we can resume our photo adventures! :)