Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ellie Goes "In Yer Tin"

The following video shows Ellie doing two of her standard behaviours. The first one was in response to Jan's Mum making a comment that she wished Ellie could close the door, as she was chilly. So, I made it happen before she next visited.

In the second behaviour, Ellie opens the door to her crate and then steps in. She never leaves her crate until she's invited to do so. We call this behaviour "In yer tin". It just sounds better than "In yer crate". :)

Enjoy it...

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Madjac said...

Hi I am friend of Dawns so been updated of Ellie's progress - she is amazing and well done you for all your training. She reminded me of my alsation/labrador Ben who did very similar things, and his intelligence amazed me right upto his grand old age of 15yrs. She will surely win alot of awards once she goes into shows.
Jackie-x -