Wednesday, January 30, 2008

KCGC Bronze Training - Week Three

Tuesday night's training session was set in the form of a competition.

1. Stay
Ellie performed a stay for approximately 5 minutes whilst Jan was wandering around the barn.

Score: 10/10

2. Send to Bed
Ellie was sent to bed a number of times. Every time she went straight to the blanket that was posing as the bed and laid down without prompt.

Score: 10/10

3. Tricks
Ellie was required to perform three different tricks. We chose jumping over both legs in turn. A number of spins, and lastly offered a paw and held it steady.

Score: 10/10

All was going well....

Then it was time for agility. Each dog had two rounds each. Christina made both courses different and they were quite hard with a lot of turns involved. Alas, Ellie was let down on this one. She is so quick and Jan's coordination, in her own words, sucks.

Ellie, after the first couple of jumps went racing around the barn jumping over anything that was in front of her. Christina pointed out that if you're not one step ahead of a collie, they'll make up their own course - and that she did!

She tried really hard, bless her and she did really well all in all.

Score: 6/10 for the first round and 8/10 for the second round!

After the points were counted up we actually came in last place out of 4, but that was more down to Jan's clumsiness than Ellie's lack of talent, and the fact that neither Jan nor Ellie have really done agility in earnest before. Still, she was rewarded with a bag of treats, for her efforts.

In future, Jan will be writing up her own class notes, so they won't seem so disjointed!

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