Tuesday, January 8, 2008

First Lesson of the New Year

Ellie impressed before even setting off for her training course this evening; she jumped into the car without hesitation. This is very unusual for her as she had developed a bit of car phobia, bought about by her travel sickness. I guess you only need to be sick in a car so many times, before you reach the conclusion that the car is not a nice place to be in. Though she showed no signs of sickness last night either. Perhaps the break has done her good.

All new faces and new dogs in the class this time. Two enormous Great Danes, a Rottweiler, and a Mastiff. Obviously, all of them tower over Ellie. All very well behaved dogs all in all. Regardless of the size of them, Ellie wasn't phased at all.

Most of the lesson was spent doing refresher exercises of what we were doing before the Christmas break. Christina did a bit of a talk about the courses for the year and the fact that she had arranged three exams over the next twelve months for people to be tested on the Kennel Club Good Citizen levels. All in all a good evenings work, though it will obviously become more challenging now that the first week is done.

Ellie's New Bed Partner
Yes, it's true. We feed her, keep her warm, and enrich her life. But given the choice, she would much rather just curl up with a cushion!

And in Other News
The tripod for the camcorder has finally arrived. Boy is it tall! It means I'm not so limited in where I place the camera now, so I can get better angles and include more detail. I'll also be able to do zooms, without excessive shaking.

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