Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ellie Puts Weight On - At Last

We took Ellie to the vet this morning to get her weighed and get some worming tablets. The last time we weighed her, three months ago, she had lost some weight, and was 10.25kg (22.5 pounds).

After that, we elected to change her food to the higher protein Burns Active.

In this morning's weigh-in, she totalled a far more respectable 12.70kg (28 pounds). That still puts her at the lower end of the weight range for a Border Collie bitch (12 to 19 kg) but there's plenty of time yet.

Funnily enough, on Tuesday afternoon, I thought her back legs looked less spindly than they have been, and then, Christina, our training instructor, said the same thing that same evening. I also think that her front legs are starting to gain a little thickness too. Finally!

1 comment:

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i thought my pacco would be the lightest dog when she competes in the maxi class, weighing 14kg only.. (all i can feel is bone, n it hurts when she bumps on me)

can't believe ellie only weight 12 !!