Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ellie the Water Baby

Yesterday, while walking Ellie around the local playing field, where we usually train and play, I noticed the ground was getting a little sodden. Despite that, I was still a little surprised to see just how much rain it had collected overnight last night. There is already a large pond in the field, but this morning, it was starting to look like there were two ponds.

Never one to miss a training opportunity, I tool it upon myself to encourage Ellie into the water as much as possible. Lord knows that I've tried to get her to venture forth into the pond before today, but alas, she's not quite brave enough yet, though she is getting braver on each attempt.

Here are some photos of her splashing around in the "new pond".


dawnie said...

Hey Ellie clever girl see water isn't that scary after all - thing is daddy now has to dry you before you walk into the house!! Just looked at some of the comments on YouTube - wish i hadn't - i'll stick to reading the blog from now on! Keep up the good work and it won't be long before she's paddling in the sea i'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Hey ur collieman on rite? Im kujo3405. ellie seems like a very very smart dog. i was just wondering what a super mod was is that ur rank on the website?